Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program, A Drug-Free, Self-Help Guide To Curing Anxiety, Depression And Stress


Price: $149.95
(as of Feb 23,2021 07:46:51 UTC – Details)

Manage Worry. Conquer Fear. Take back your life today. Developed by Lucinda Bassett, this is a leading drug-free, self-guided treatment program. Since 1983, this has been a leading holistic guide for improving your life and happiness. Join the 1.4mm people who have followed this program to build joyful lives not ruled by stress, anxiety or depression. The program includes audio CDs, a workbook and other tools to help you take control of your life. It is effective for kids, teens and adults alike. It helps you overcome and find relief for issues that range from phobia to anger to loss. There are 15 lessons in the multimedia toolkit: 1-Symptoms, Causes and Fears, 2 – Six Steps that will Put a Stop to Anxiety Attacks, 3 – Self-Talk, Key to Healthy Esteem, 4 – Expectations, Expect Less and Get More, 5 – Eat-Diet to Rid Yourself of Anxiety and Depression, 6 – Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings, 7 – Assertive Behavior, Speak Confidently and Gain Respect, 8 – Put An End to What If Thinking, 9 – Get Off the Guilt and Worry Treadmill, 10 – How To Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts, 11 – Anx and Dep, the Truth About Medication and Alcohol, 12 – The Courage to Change, 13 – Time Management 12 Steps Toward a Balanced Life, 14 – How To Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety, 15 – Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt. The program leverages the mindful practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It has been proven in independent studies to have as much positive impact as 6 therapy sessions. (1996- Human Affairs International). Here is what one customer said about it on Facebook recently: People often come up to me and say, you know, there is just something about you, something peaceful and refreshing. I just smile and say, thank you, knowing that along with God and my Angels, my secret to peace lies within the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program. Thank you so much for everything. Kendra R, GA

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