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digital art software;drawing for beginners;drawing software;art software;paint program;

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drawing tablet;sketching tools;coloring software;

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learn to draw;paint editor;photo art

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an active Internet connection required to use the product? Internet is required for product activation and registration. It is not required to run the software.
Is this a subscription? No. Purchase once and own it forever.
Are drawing tablets compatible with Painter Essentials 8? Yes! Most drawing tablets and stylus are supported so you can have the most natural painting experience possible.
Can I install Painter Essentials 8 on more than one system? This license allows the user to install and use one copy of this software on one computer or electronic device.
What file formats are compatible? Painter Essentials 8 is compatible with RIFF, PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, and BNP formats.

Included Brushes
170+ – Acrylics & Oils, Airbrushes, Blenders, Chalks, Pastels, Crayons, Dab Stencils, Dynamic Speckles, F-X, Glazing, Pattern Pens, Photo Painting, Pens, Pencils, Markers, Sponges
900+ – All the brushes in Painter Essentials + Impasto, Thick Paints, Palette Knives, Real Watercolors, Liquid Ink, Image Hose, Selection & Eraser brushes and more…

Included Content
Papers, Flow Maps, Patterns
All the content in Painter Essentials + Nozzles, Textures, Selections, Weaves, Gradients, Images, Looks

Photo Art Tools
AI presets, auto-painting presets, tracing, clone with color
Customizable AI styles, customizable auto-painting, tracing, Clone Tinting, cloning with texture, multiple clone sources

Color Tools
Color wheel, 3 color harmonies, 4 color sets, dropper and fill tool
Color wheel, 5 color harmonies, unlimited color sets, dropper and fill tool, interactive gradients, texture painting

Editing Tools
Eraser, selection & transform tools, text tools, crop, dodge, burn, effects
Eraser, selection & transform tools, magic wand, layer adjuster, text tools, crop, dodge, burn, effects, shapes & shape editing

Composition Tools
Image navigator, Mirror & Kaleidoscope
Image navigator, Mirror & Kaleidoscope, Perspective Guides, Layout grid, Divine proportion, Reference image

User Interface
2 layouts
9 layouts, customize & save workspace, create palettes


Customize and save brushes, erasers, mixer palette, document sizes. Export and share brushes and workspaces.

Performance and Support
Support for: Most graphic tablets and pressure sensitive brush tracking, Wacom multi-touch support, Apple Sidecar, Apple Pencil, Touch Bar and Trackpad support, PSD file support
All the performance and support in Painter Essentials + GPU Brush acceleration for stamp brushes, Brush search engine

Platform Compatibility
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac

Rapidly turn photos into stunning art using powerful AI presets, auto-painting, tracing, and creative effects
Easily create in an uncomplicated interface with layer options, adjustment and symmetry tools, built-in layouts, help tutorials, and workflow tips
Conveniently select colors with the color wheel, sets, and harmonies or blend your own with the mixer palette
Experience incredible speed and performance, and tablet compatibility with stylus pressure control
Amazon Exclusive: FREE Beginner Brush Pack Bundle with 55 brushes for sketching or painting hair, fur, waves, flowers, stars, and more (valued at $99.95)


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