Disposable Toilet Seat Covers – 30 Counts Waterproof Individually Wrapped Portable Travel Toilet Seat Covers for Adults Kids Toddler Potty Training Public Toilet, Lengthened Size 16×24 Inch, 3 Packs


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Product Description


Public restrooms are not always as clean and sanitary as we expect. Sometimes, the stall you’re seated may be out of paper toilet seat covers. You may have to squat, wipe with paper, pile papers up to barrier or unbearably hold bladder.

It’s also a common case when you pull the paper toilet seat cover from the dispenser, it’s torn. When you overlay it on toilet seat, it’s soaked with gross dirt and can’t work anymore. What’s embarrassing is when you stand up, you’re stuck with the flimsy paper.

Never mind, you’re gonna to change the game with our waterproof disposable toilet seat cover.

One size toilet seat cover matches all size toilet seatsOne size toilet seat cover matches all size toilet seats

Disposable toilet seat cover

The pocket size waterproof toilet seat cover meets personal hygienic needs in public bathrooms.

The white upper side is soft to skin and barriers coldness or sweat. The blue back side coated with water-resistant film, providing a reliable sanitary barrier between skin and moisture.


Portable toilet seat covers for various public toilets

Designed for US standard toilet, it fits different kinds of toilet seats.

Each piece is individually wrapped and as pocket size. Each pack has 10 pcs and 3 packs contains 30 pcs.

It conveniently access to your pocket or bag in travelling, road trip, camping, holiday airport, train station, hotel, hostels, hospital, shopping centers or tourist sites with public restrooms or porta-potties.

Germ-freaker, people with public pooping anxiety, maternity in need of rigid hygiene and parents going out with kids will definitely love it.

Features & Details







Durable and soft

Pure pulp paper is soft to skin, less chilly contact with toilet seat.
Not easily torn or ripped. Non-skid, stay in place.

Portable pocket size

Foldable and lightweight as pocket size.
Conveniently access to pocket, shoulder bag, backpack, work bag or travel bag.

Dispose in trash can

It’s non-flushable.
The folding line makes it easily to be folded half and be disposed of in trash can.





Perfect for outing with kids

Perfect for outing with kids

Widely used in public toilets

Perfect for public bathrooms and porta-potties.
Widely used for vacation,camping, road trip, cruise and other events.
Must have for airport, train station, hotel, hostels, shopping centers, hospital and office.

Work for maternity and disabled

Best for maternity who are in need of discreet hygienic toilets.
Work for the disabled who have to overwhelmingly contact with public bathrooms.

Must-have for kids and toddlers

Life-saver for parents with toddlers and kids who can’t independently handle.
Also work for potty-training.


16” x 24”

15.5” x 17.9”


3 Packs of 30 Counts

3 Packs of 30 Counts

✅WATERPROOF TOILET SEAT COVERS – Upper of the disposable toilet seat cover is made of virgin pulp and blue side made of coated germ-free Polyethylene, safe to shield drops on questionable toilet seats or porta-potties. No need to wipe, squat or hold bladder in public restrooms.
✅NOT PAPER TOILET SEAT COVERS – Unlike flimsy and easily ripped paper toilet seat cover, the plastic toilet seat cover is practical and durable. No tear with water nor stick to skin when standing up. It stays in place with groove textured backing, which offers you extra protection and bring you peace of mind in public toilets.
✅PORTABLE TOILET SEAT COVERS TRAVEL – The pocket size toilet seat cover is individually wrapped by a zigzagged packet, easy to open and time-saving to use. Compact to fit in pocket, purse, work bag or travel bag. 10 pieces per pack and 3 packs include 30 counts in total.
✅EASY TO USE & FIT WELL – Folding lines make it easy to unfold and overlay. Central flap has been pouched off. Overlay to use. Symmetric design quickly matches various toilet seats, saving trouble to spot the front and back. The size of 15-3/4 Inch * 23-5/8 Inch is bigger than normal disposable toilet seat covers and fits US standard toilet seat, perfect for wide figure.


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