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(Other booklets on casino gambling are listed on the Carlos Turver page at His most recent publications are titled: “A Diet for The Body’s Needs, Not for Its Wants” subtitled “Eating the Same Meals Every Day Helps to Lose and to Maintain an Appropriate Weight” “Guadalajara Today May – July 2017” subtitled “The State Capitol of Jalisco Mexico Is Like Living in Any City in the USA, But More Economical!” and “An Atheist’s Concept of a Life After Death” subtitled “An Eternal View of What Was And What Could Have Been”).

New Edition; November, 2015.
Prior to ordering this book, you are invited to watch a video at that illustrates how this improvement works. Reviewed by one of’s top reviewers, John WilliamSon 2100, his critiques can be found in the customer review and comments sections of my booklet titled “The Best of All Available Betting Systems” that can be found by searching for this title on the web or under the author’s name Carlos Turver at
Included with this edition:
“How to Win the 30000 Betting System Challenge”
”The Rule of 2/3rds Betting Strategy for Roulette”
“Modifications to the Traditional and to the Improved Martingale Betting System” “Bets Should Not be Doubled After Every Loss! Double the Multiple Bet Sequences Instead”
“Betting on the High Payout Propositions”
“A New and Practical Betting Strategy for the Inside Bets of Roulette”
“A Betting Strategy That Wins in the Long Term”
“The Smart Way to Play Roulette”
"An Unconventional Playing Strategy for 21"
This edition is a compilation of booklets that explains an improvement that has been made to this two century old betting system.
When entering a casino, we are at the mercy of the house favored percentages!
Those of us who use a betting system will at least have a fighting chance of leaving with our bankroll intact and a modest profit!

The information that is being offered will give all players an advantage of winning more frequently! As the improvement made to the Martingale Betting System allows for additional bets to be placed prior to reaching the house limit, the chance of leaving a casino with a profit increases!

The traditional Martingale Betting System appears to be used primarily with the 1×1 payout propositions. With the improvement that has been made to the Martingale, this betting system can now be used practically with the higher payout propositions that range from a 3×1 payout to the sic bo wagers of 150×1 or more!

With this improvement additional bets can be placed, but not by doubling the bet after every loss. Instead, the bets are doubled after each betting sequence that contain multiple bets. The betting sequences are explained and illustrated in the following examples,

As the casinos will seldom, if ever, remove their maximum bet ceiling or lower the minimum bets, it is essential to use a betting strategy that works within their betting limits.

The improvement that has been made to the Martingale Betting System offers such a betting strategy that can be applied to all casino games!


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